Organization Type

What type of an organization is IAHE

The Illinois Association of Highway Engineers, founded in 1936, is an organization for transportation professionals of the Illinois Department of Transportation and its affiliates. We are a chartered, non-for profit, non-sectarian and non-union organization. The Association’s program and activities are governed solely by its members through a Board of Directors elected from and by local Chapters. Membership in the Association is strictly voluntary. All eligible personnel are encouraged to join and to help in the accomplishment of mutual objectives.

History of Growth and Activities

In 1936, the Illinois Association of Highway Engineers was formed. The Association has grown stronger and broader in scope. The IAHE was originally conceived with the idea of combating undesirable employment practices, political abuses, and inadequate salaries. After the establishment of the statewide organization, a higher standard of conduct for members was developed, which in turn gained recognition for the highway engineer. Gradually, inequities were reduced and salaries increased, although we continue the battle for adequate wages. In the 1950s, through legislative activity, the Association was successful in establishing pay schedules at an equitable level. Since that time, it has continued to encourage reasonable periodic increases. In 1970 IDOT was formed causing a diversification of the constituency of the IAHE members. In 1981-82 there was a split between the Illinois Professional Employees Council (IPEC) and IAHE, which caused a drop in the IAHE’s membership. But by 1986, when the Association celebrated its 50th Anniversary, it was 1200 members strong. It was in this year that the Fastlane began. The Fastlane is a newsletter published quarterly of Chapter and membership news. The Association is comprised of nine chapters statewide, one for each of the Highway districts. Each Chapter is represented on the Board of Directors, which meets four times each year. Issues affecting the organization and its membership are examined by the Board of Directors on a statewide basis, and when necessary a course of action is determined.

The Illinois Association of Highway Engineers continues to evolve

Currently the objectives of this Association are to promote fellowship and cooperation among its members; to encourage the professional development of its members; to promote the social welfare of its members; to advance the professional status of Highway Engineers and Transportation Professionals; to foster professional ethics; and to promote the public interest through the service of its members. To focus on professional education, the state Board and several of the individual Chapters offer scholarships each year to assist students pursuing a transportation/engineering related degree. In addition, each year the state Board sponsors a shuttle bus at the Transportation Highway Engineers (T.H.E.) conference held at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign. The social aspects of the group are very important. Regular Chapter meetings revolve around business meetings and technical speakers but offer the members an opportunity to increase the personal affiliation they have with other members of the Association. Finally, the goal of service is achieved in many ways. The Association serves its members by dissemination of information through meetings and the Fastlane.  Many Chapters serve their members as well as the public by sponsoring events like blood drives or community service projects such as Adopt a Highway.