Bowling Tournament

Fiesta Lanes in Pontiac, Illinois on Saturday, February 4, 2017

Forty-five bowlers competed in the Annual IAHE Bowling Tournament. This year’s event was hosted by the Ottawa Chapter and took place at the Fiesta Lanes in Pontiac, Illinois on Saturday, February 4, 2017. The afternoon began with Singles and Doubles competitions, bowled concurrently, followed by the team event. A light lunch of BBQ sandwiches, salads, and chips was provided before the team event. Twelve doubles teams, twenty four singles and nine 5-person teams took part in this year’s tournament.

Top ten Singles scores with handicap:

Jami Berry                           703

Nicole Butkus                    680

Rick Borus                           676

Jim Skolmoski                    672

Linda Smith                         655

Bill Martens                       632

Bryan Berryman               627

Daniel Corp                         624

Marc Budzynski                624

Jerry Johnson                    621

Jami Berry also had the highest scratch score for this event: 703

Top seven Doubles Team scores with handicap:

Jami Berry / Jim Skolmoski                           1375

Rod Santee / Rick Borus                                1286

Andrew Hafner / Nicole Butkus                  1264

Bryan Berryman / Marc Budzynski            1251

Linda Smith / James Smith                            1236

Daniel Corp / Ramuel Orta                            1219

Paul Harris / Ron Pohar                                 1205

Jami Berry and Jim Skolmoski also had the high scratch score for this event: 1219.

Team scores with handicap:

Sith Can’t Bowl                 3154

                Scott Ferguson, Rod Santee, Paul Harris, Ron Pohar, Rick Borus

Condemors                        3147

                Darshan Sahota, Roger Rynke, Kris Klieber, Mike Dorton, Gary Dorton

Fab 5 from 4                       3098

                Jami Berry, Jim Skolmoski, Ricardo Recendez, Eric Prichard, Anna Berqsicker

Capital Five                        3073

                Rick Meyers, Debbie Johnson, Gayle Finigan, Jerry Johnson, Brandon Long

Six + Four                            3049

                Bill Martens, Vicki Petropoulus, Linda Smith, James Smith, Ron Sullivan

King Pins                             3044

                Emily Zemanek, Chad Nelson, Jasminn Jones, Neil Flanagan, Lindsey Poggi

The Roof                              2963

                Daniel Corp, Andrew Hafner, Nicole Butkus, Travis Williams, Ramuel Orta

Team 7                                 2957

                Bryan Berryman, Elana Alisma, Junior Senat, Luis Calderon, Marc Budzynski

The Avengers                    2883

                Alicia Foster, Grant Johnson, Jessy Jean, Jordan Longnecker, Steve Chery

Capital Five also had the high scratch score for this event: 2767.

“All Events”

Jami Berry had the high scratch score, 1853, as well as, the high handicapped score, 2087, for the day.